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If you share your inspection report with a prospective buyer, this level of transparency builds confidence and trust.
We always encourage buyers to hire their own inspector, but historically, about half will rely solely on a high-quality report provided by the seller. These buyers are effectively waiving their right to an inspection, and they will view the cost savings as added incentive to purchase your house, rather than hire their own Home Inspector for a competing listing.

A word of caution: Inspectors who do not hold themselves to the highest standard can miss repair items, which does more harm than good. Our proven method has been helping Jacksonville area sellers for over ten years, and we're here for you.

A Pre-listing Home Inspection Benefits the Seller in 3 Key Ways
Traditionally, the Home Inspection is a buyer's first opportunity to really learn about the house they have agreed to purchase. It's understandable that buyers may be nervous going into the transaction, and discoveries made on inspection day will only add to their anxiety.

A Seller's Pre-Listing Inspection is essentially the same process as a buyer's Home Inspection, except the seller uses the report to be proactive, rather than reactive, after a contract is signed. This allows for a  relatively frictionless transaction and minimizes the drama that often accompanies home purchases. 

More accurate pricing, as certain repair costs can be 'baked-in' to the list price. Done properly, the buyer will essentially be reimbursing you for these repairs. 
Once the sales contract is signed, these options are closed to you, and the buyer controls the negotiation.

You are able to make repairs on your terms, free of the scrutiny of buyers and the time constraints of a contract.
Knowledge is power; we eliminate the uncertainty of not knowing what might be discovered. Any major house 'bombs' can be defused before the deal blows up.

Buyer's Pre-purchase Home Inspection

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Seller's Pre-listing Home Inspection

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