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11-Month Warranty inspection

Most new homes come with a one-year warranty, and it is crucial to inspect the home from top to bottom before the warranty period ends. The cost of repairs was built in to the price of your home; in effect, you have already paid for the repairs. Our 11-Month Warranty Inspection ensures that you get what you've paid for.

Home construction involves a lot of moving parts, and tradespeople are usually under tremendous time pressure to get the house finished before closing. Shortcuts are taken, things get missed, and without an 11-Month Warranty Inspection, it may be years before substandard workmanship is discovered. 

The cost of a TrueHome Inspection is reasonable and substantially less than out-of-pocket repair costs. Take advantage of your warranty before this burden shifts from the builder to you.

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"The house is brand new, what could possibly go wrong?"

Here are a few highlights from our recent inspections of 'new' homes.

Shower Pan Failure

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Wiring Exposed

Exhaust Ducts Disconnected

Engineered Trusses Damaged

Shingles Damaged

Slab Leak

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