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TrueHome Inspection proudly serves all of Northeast Florida, including Jacksonville and surrounding cities.

A TrueHome Inspector knows what to look for and every home inspection comes loaded with value.  A TrueHome Inspector will evaluate the overall condition of the home, conduct a thorough inspection and provide you with a detailed report.  We bring state-of-the-art technology and latest techniques to the building inspection process by using advanced non-destructive tools and methods to complement our professional training and experience.​  

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The best decision you can make before making a home ownership decision is choosing
                        , Jacksonville's most reliable home inspection company.

In today's competitive real estate market, TrueHome empowers homebuyers with information, and eliminates nagging doubts. Our comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports give our clients the ability to negotiate with confidence.


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                                   delivers an unparalleled level of service and the highest-quality home inspection services to the Northeast, Florida area.  We take great pride in doing a thorough job and going beyond our clients' expectations.  Our home inspection experience is inclusive.  We encourage you to join us during the inspection, and to ask questions at the end of the onsite inspection.  Having you with us on the inspection also gives us an opportunity to provide you with tips on home care and maintenance.  

A home inspection is valuable, but unless the experience is well-documented, most people won't remember all the important details.  That's why we provide a comprehensive written report to serve as your guide for as long as you own the home.  It not only describes the house components and their condition, but also provides recommendations and insights to what improvements will be necessary and when.  Our report can also help you set up a home maintenance program to take care of one of the most significant investments most people make.  Our goal is to ensure that you can live safely, comfortably and efficiently in your new home.

Meet Dan Fryer

Dan is a native of Jacksonville, graduating from Stanton College Prep and attending the University of North Florida, where he received a B.S. in Business Administration. He has dedicated over ten years as a Network Engineer and Project Manager for Fortune 500 companies. In early 2010, Dan launched his business, and applied his troubleshooting talents to home and building inspection. Over a decade later, Dan continues to operate his business with a strong focus on the power of infrared thermal imaging to diagnose building faults. When Dan is not conducting home and building inspections, you can find him spending time with his family or out in his scull, rowing the calm waters of the Ortega River.

home inspector & field operations expert

We encourage clients to attend the home inspection or participate in a virtual conference with your inspector about the property.  Parties to the transaction (the buyer & the agent) are not required to attend,  but if you would like to, we do suggest the best time being towards the end of the inspection.  We also offer virtual consultations during this time of social distancing.

We discourage attendance by extended family, children, pets and dinosaurs. We have found that dinosaurs roaring & roaming freely around the property of purchase may cause damage or visually distract the inspector onsite. 

First, you will receive an email with a link for payment and the pre-inspection agreement to be signed .

Next, we will contact your realtor (if applicable) to confirm and coordinate with the other parties in the transaction .

Then, you will get an email 24 hours prior to your inspection reminding you of the day and time of the inspection.  (**considering you have not booked within 48 hours) 

The home inspection is performed using non-destructive visual methods which cannot detect environmental hazards. If possible environmental contaminants are observed (microbial growth, peeling paint, etc.) your inspector may advise consultation with an environmental expert. This would involve sampling and processing with a laboratory which is beyond the scope of a Standard Home Inspection.  We have a carefully selected database of referrals that we are happy to share!

A TrueHome Inspector will walk any roof surface as long as it is safe to do so, as safety guidelines permit. This takes into account the pitch, covering type, condition of the roof and environmental conditions at the time of inspection. If a roof area cannot be walked, we do have tools available to provide visibility to roof surfaces that cannot be accessed.

No, we stress test the plumbing supply and waste systems -

To properly evaluate a well or septic system, you would either need to have it scoped, or they would need to excavate, pump and then look. 

Cast Iron drain lines this can be of particular concern and your inspector can discuss this with you insight.

We have a carefully selected database of referrals that we are happy to share if this is a service you should need.

We deliver our reports within 24 hours of inspection completion. A great deal of time and effort goes into writing each TrueHome inspection report. Some home inspectors write reports on-site, using an app on a mobile device, and generally the report is full of fluff and boilerplates that do not provide substantive detail and guidance in making a home-buying decision.

At TrueHome, it is our firm belief that it is impossible for home inspectors to give a property their full attention with their nose in a screen. We take great pride in our reporting detail, including quality annotated photos, video, thermal images, and precisely written narrative. Our reports make it easy for our clients to see the house through the inspector’s eyes and understand what the inspector thinks. 

In our experience, homes aged 40+ years take longer to inspect and require a greater depth of knowledge than newer dwellings. The proper inspection of an older home requires familiarity with building techniques, styles and materials not in use today. This is where your experienced TrueHome inspector shines. We can properly advise you as to the safety, suitability, and insurability of the home and its installed systems and provide you with a detailed and thorough inspection report that will allow you to make an informed home buying decision.

Some home inspectors charge less for condominiums on the theory that the condo association handles the exterior, roof and common spaces, so these major areas can be safely ignored. This could be a costly mistake. While the condo association does coordinate repair efforts, the cost for these repairs often falls directly to the owners (who else is there?).

It is critical that a prospective buyer of a condo be informed of major deficiencies with common structures and systems, like exterior stucco cracking, concrete spalling, outdated plumbing, and roof leaks. A thorough inspection of a condo requires us to extend our inspection expertise to units above, below and around the subject property. Such a detailed inspection requires no less time and effort than the inspection of a single-family home, and in some ways, requires more effort due to difficulties in access, as is the nature of multi-family buildings.

Your inspection report is licensed exclusively to you and provided for your information as you consider this transaction. You may choose to share your report with the seller and/or agent for the purpose of requesting repairs. All other third parties (lenders, insurance agents, etc.) should not have access to your full home inspection report.

The home inspection report provides a snapshot in time of the condition of the property as such the report may not be applicable and would not reflect current conditionals.

Your Home Inspection report will be provided to you within 24 hours of the Home Inspection. Your TrueHome Inspector is always available for consultation regarding your inspection

Yes, we are happy to schedule a re-inspection of the property.  We recommend repairs be made by a qualified reputable person. If that is done so, then you do not need a re-inspection from TrueHome unless there is any question involved of those repairs. Once we schedule a re-inspection of the property, we use the Repair/Replace/Treatment Agreement.

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What  Can You Expect from TrueHome?

We allow three to four hours for the typical home inspection, so that we are not rushed, and can provide the most thorough inspection possible. At TrueHome Inspection, we encourage clients to participate in the inspection and we take time for client consultation, so that we can answer all of your questions, and walk you through all of the systems of your new home.

TrueHome Inspection reports are known for being detailed, yet easy-to-understand, and are delivered within 24 hours of the inspection. We maintain the highest standards of technical writing, and take time to fully annotate photos and thermal images so that you are never left wondering, "OK, what am I looking at here?" 

Beware of Home Inspectors that promise same-day report turn-around. A TrueHome inspector will never write reports on-site; a thorough Home Inspection cannot be done with the inspector's nose in a phone or tablet. Detailed report-writing takes time, and same-day reporting suggests that the inspector may be rushing through your job, or using general, boilerplate disclosures that may not provide the thoroughness and detail you need to make an informed home-buying decision. 

We also use FLIR infrared inspection cameras to detect leaks, moisture intrusion points and insulation problems that you can’t see with the naked eye. It is our belief that using the industry's most advanced technology can help to give the most thorough, non-invasive inspection possible.

Finally, our standards-compliant reports follow the Standards of Practice set forth by InterNACHI, and accepted by the state of Florida. It is important to realize, however, that these are minimum standards. Our reporting is more in-depth and our inspections broader in scope than is required, because our clients, realtors, and building professionals have come to expect nothing but the best from TrueHome Inspection.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a visual evaluation of a home's visible structural elements, major systems and the components to determine whether defects or safety issues exist. A TrueHome Inspection is designed to reflect, as accurately as possible, the visible condition of the home at the time of the inspection. It is an important resource for home buyers who need to understand the condition of a property they intend to purchase, or a great starting point for anyone considering selling their home. Knowing the condition of your property helps you determine a fair and reasonable market value and helps prevent costly surprises down the road when a potential buyer has the home inspected.