4-POINT Insurance Verification

A 4-Point Insurance Verification is often required by homeowner's insurance companies for houses that are 20 year of age or older, or at the underwriter's discretion.

The report documents the age and functionality of the following systems:
  • Electrical (wiring type and electrical panel manufacturer)
  • Heating & Cooling (system age and serviceability)
  • Plumbing (pipe material and water heater age)
  • Roof (covering material and age)

Can a Four Point lower my rates? 
Unfortunately, no. The results of a Four Point Verification will not lower the cost of insurance; it simply helps the insurance company determine whether to offer coverage for the home.

Can I just send my regular home inspection report?
While many insurance companies will accept a home inspection report in lieu of a Four Point Verification, we strongly encourage you NOT to send the full report. Your home inspection report will be very detailed, and will contain information beyond the scope of a Four Point Verification. As a guiding principle, it is best not to send the homeowner's insurance provider any more information than they require.

What is the cost?
The Four Point Verification fee is $125, and includes a return trip, once repairs are complete, should this be necessary. If we are already scheduled for a Home Inspection, the Four Point will be provided to you at no charge. Schedule today by clicking below or call 904-657-5577.


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